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Shift-Head Of The Year & What Alberta Truly Is

RUOK with vampires returning to TV? …or musical monoloths? Time Magazine named their Person of the Year…we asked the Shiftheads: who is yours? Max Fawcett (Freelance writer, former editor Alberta Oil and Vancouver magazine) chats with Shane on the perception of Alberta to the rest of Canada. And, In Case You Missed It…producer Ryan “Sneakers”…

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Alleged Galactic Federations & The Naughtiest Towns In The World

In our weekly “Good News Tuesday”…our Shiftheads call in with the good news in their lives. Dave Scott of Spaced Out Radio gives us the scoop on an “alleged galactic federation”… And, former Shift producer Chris Gilbert, our New Zealand/Canadian man, reports live in Japan.  Chris takes us on a whirlwind journey through naughtily-named towns,…

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Throwback Thursday ’83 & Nic Cage Swearing

RUOK with hordes of rats? or “candy masks”? Our inaugural Throwback Thursday…we travel back to 1983 for news, tv, and…the price of a pack of smokes. Plus, In Case You Missed It…producer Ryan “Sneakers” O’Donnell brings us Christmas sneakers, swear words and possibly, a new whale! HEY, DO YOU LIKE PODCASTS? Why not subscribe to…

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The Shift Round Table, Dogs & Virtual Santas

Lets meet everybody on The Shift with Shane Hewitt!  Shane “Z-Man” Hewitt, Matt “The Night Captain” McArthur, Jawn “Weekend” Jang, Jason “Sparklepants” Manois, and Ryan “New Guy” O’Donnell have a round table. Greg Fish (World of Weird Things) on his article: Do dogs hold the answer to the mysteries of social evolution? RUOK with…Virtual Santa?…

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Cyber Monday & Kickin’ It At The Wedding

Welcome to The Shift…Daily podcast! Tech man Andy Baryer talks Cyber Monday… RUOK with an ill-placed kick during a wedding dance? Plus, the debut of Chris Gilbert’s International Dispatch…our Canadian/New Zealand friend…live from Japan. HEY, DO YOU LIKE PODCASTS? Why not subscribe to ours? find it on Apple, Google, Spotify & Tune In.

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